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The 5th annual Integrative Medicine Symposium is organized by students from Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, CA. Our goal is to deepen and broaden the knowledge of physicians, other healthcare providers, and the greater community to novel, evidence-based, systems-based integrative approaches to healthcare. 5+ AMA PRA and AOA 1-A credits are available with all lectures in the virtual setting. 

When imagining the theme for our symposium, we contemplated how Integrative Medicine will meet the future of healthcare. We explored emerging new paradigms: 

  • How will consumer health technology devices offer new insights into lifestyle factors of patient health?

  • How will data-driven wellness influence the future healthcare team?

  • How are the biophysics of human biology and the biofield clinically relevant?  

  • How do we apply systems thinking and health technology to movement and medicine?

  • And how do we align with the Osteopathic Health and Wholeness of our patients through therapeutic touch and intention?  ​


The goal of this symposium is to provide the knowledge and tools to find the Health and Wholeness of our patients and communities. To accomplish this, we have created 4 tracks which we believe will bring health to an epidemic of chronic disease.

Integrative Medicine Symposium 2023 Tracks:

  1. Biofield Medicine

  2. Precision Medicine

  3. Functional Movement

  4. Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM)

We recognize the fatigue many of us experience spending the day on computers, whether it's meetings, classes or virtual visits. As such, we have intentionally offered ample time for breaks throughout the day and lunchtime.

During breaks, you're invited to connect with fellow attendees in our Social Networking Lounge.  We intend to foster connection with one another throughout the day with additional Q&A time and our dedicated space to discuss our shared passion for Integrative Medicine. 


We have found that this interplay of the individual and the community is at the heart of what Integrative Medicine is, and we hope you join us this year.

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