The 4th annual Integrative Medicine Symposium is organized by students from Touro University of California College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, CA. Our goals are focused on deepening the physician and other health care provider knowledge of novel, evidence-based complementary and integrative approaches to healthcare. AMA PRA and AOA 1-A credits are available with all lectures and other activities planned accessible in the virtual setting. 

In generating ideas for the theme of our symposium, we contemplated the definition integrative medicine itself. To us, Integrative Medicine goes beyond a set of practices or recommendations provided to a patient.


Integrative Medicine recognizes that the health of the individual is predicated on physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health. Beyond that, integrative medicine also recognizes that each individual is inextricably connected to the broader community. 

From this knowledge, the theme for this symposium emerged: Nurturing the Individual and Sustaining Communities. By increasing exposure to evidence-based integrative practices and introducing new frontiers in integrative medicine, we hope to help provide clinicians the tools to nurture the individual patients they encounter. In recognizing the systemic and structural inequities within the healthcare system that hurt both patients and clinicians, we can better serve and nurture the health of our communities. 

This year's symposium has been divided into four tracks:

COVID-19 & Structural Competency, Physician and Patient Wellness, Nutrition, and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. The four tracks we selected highlight the interface between the personal and societal structures that impact our patient's well-being.


We recognize the fatigue many of us experience spending the day on computers, whether it's meetings, classes or virtual visits. As such, we have intentionally offered ample time for breaks throughout the day and lunchtime.

During breaks, you're invited to join a Movement/Mindfulness session or connect with fellow attendees in our Social Networking Lounge.  We intend to foster connection with one another throughout the day with additional Q&A time and our dedicated space to discuss our shared passion for integrative medicine. 

At lunchtime you can join our Social Networking Lounge or purchase groceries to follow alongside Dr. Stevenson as we cook a healthy meal together.

We have found that this interplay of the individual and the community is at the heart of what integrative medicine is, and we hope you join us this year.